4 days past a 5 day transfer

4 days past a 5 day transfer

The last couple of days in Cyprus were a bit hectic hence my absence.

On Tuesday we met up with a lovely couple we had met in clinic and had coffee for a couple of hours. The lady and i have very similar issues and have been through a lot of the same things and it was nice to chat about our experiences and also how positive we are regarding Team Miracle. They are finding the journey hard, which it really is but i hope i was able to offer some comfort and positivity.

That night we were with friends for dinner….and the football. Im not a football fan but my god have i seen a lot of matches of Euro 2016. My conclusion is, England are a weak team, Wales are doing brilliantly and the under dogs (like Turkey) are fighting hard. But thats just my opinion and im not wanting to start a war!!!

The flight back was fine on Wednesday, although i did have to order more food despite paying for a meal. These steroids are making me HUNGRY!!! And then i got Mr Me to cook a full meal at 10pm…šŸ˜²šŸ˜²šŸ˜² least its good healthy food from Hello Fresh!!!

Its AMAZING to be back with Mr Me. Missed him so much, it was worth it but i really dont like us being apart so that won’t be happening for as long as i can help it. Mum was a wonderful substitute mind, and took her duties of keeping me calm and bringing me home preggers very seriously!

Im 4 days past a 5 day transfer, or 9 days post ovulation on a traditional cycle. Other than the tugging, ive had some very mild cramping and some crazy dreams so far. Nothing much to report but i do tend to be fairly symptomless on my 2 week wait.

Im staying super positive though, i have every faith this will work.

Back in the office tomorrow and then a 3 day weekend as normal, this 2 week wait should fly by. She says now. I tend to sail through the 1st week but the 2nd week is tough!!! Watch this space.

Today in the UK its the EU referendum, ill be voting REMAIN. I urge all my UK followers to use their vote and if you are not sure, vote to stay in, a leave vote cannot be undone whereas a remain vote can be revisited. Enough politics but please dont waste your vote!

Im sooooo excited to watch Game of Thrones later, it has been a mission to avoid spoilers but we managed and i know its a cracking episode!!! Cant believe its nearly over for another season!

I intend to take today easy, the embies should be implanted by now, its the first 48-72 hours that are important but another day of relaxing cant be bad!

8 days until OTD (Official Test Day)…

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


4 thoughts on “4 days past a 5 day transfer

  1. Your first 4 days have flown by … for me, haha! Shame that you had to suffer with watching the football, thankfully my hubby is a rugby bloke so we haven’t got the Euro’s on in our house.
    Looking forward to your updates, hope you’ve got a busy 3 day weekend planned to mentally distract you, the second week is the slowest in the world isn’t is? Oh no I may actually change that in a few weeks when still waiting for first scan! (waiting for a nurse to call me back still today to discuss stuff)
    When did you start getting symptoms previously Toni? Walking down stairs (with bra on!) is painful today, the ‘girls’ woke me up in the night from the pain! Lots of subtle cramping too, am 4wks and 3day xx

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    1. My 1st pg i had symptoms from just after bfp…boobs, cramps, painful hips as everything stretched. 2nd pg, virtually nothing lol
      The wait from bfp to scan is worse if im honest, and i had to wait til 8+5 and 9+5 respectfully!!!! Hard hard hard. Just keep distracted as much as poss xx


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