Ahhhh shit. Im not sure its worked.

Last night i looked back at my blog posts from my last 2 week wait and i was feeling stuff by now, and im not feeling anything.

I know every cycle/pregnancy is different but im really worried.

Tomorrow is 7 days past and i usually get my progesterone rash so i guess im hoping thatll show up but, my PMA is ebbing away fast.

There is no way to know until test day and for the 1st time ever im tempted to test early.

I also know FETs can be late implanters but its not bringing much comfort right now.

Im terrified its all over before its began.

Really, its too soon to draw this conclusion as only today at 6days past a 5 day transfer does hcg start to be secreted into my system but ive got a bad feeling.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


22 thoughts on “Doubting….

  1. Come on Toni – PMA! You got me through my 2ww so i’ll kick you through yours ☺️😘😘

    Don’t write it off too soon, I know we’re all different and you know your body but I felt nothing until 12dp3dt

    Much love xx

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    1. Its so true, its too early. I need lots of kicks, and i knew you lot wouldnt let me down
      Distraction is key. I have faith in my team. They have faith in my embies. All should be well but cant i fast forward to friday??? Arrrggghhhh xxx


  2. Now now lady!! PMA please!! You’ve listed all the reasons why this is different. Because every cycle/pregnancy is different, because you are only 6dpt, because FETS can be late inplanters. The one thing you don’t know is the outcome of the cycle. So don’t you go doubting. Why shouldn’t it work? Team miracle makes miracles. Fact. I for one am looking forward to celebrating with you. Xxxx hugs xxxx

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    1. Thank you. Rationally i know its too early to worry but the 2ww sends you mental lol
      If i was reading my post id totes be like, its too early to say, just keep going. Why cant i believe myself??? I have every faith in TM and thats what im holding onto xxx


      1. Because it’s your life. It’s your happy ending. We can all give advice and positivity to others, but sometimes we need a little back. You are doing so so well!!

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  3. What the effing eff am I reading?!?!
    Get upstairs, get the biggest, fattest pair of pants you have and dress!!! Keep them on, up past your ears until Friday. Of course it’s worked: you’re in doubt, emotional, looking for signs and questioning your usual resolute “I will not test early”.
    Couldn’t be anymore pregnant!!!! Xxx

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    1. Im sorry!!! I know youre right. Its the 2ww, it sends me mental, its right annoying. Ive decided to keep busy and stop looking for signs. TM will see me right, thats all i need to remember
      Stupid bloody wait!!! Xxx

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  4. The 2ww is HORRIFIC! The cycles of hope and doubt drive you totally out of your mind! Just remember – there is a bloody brilliant chance it’s worked. FOUR top quality blastos and a perfect lining – the smart money HAS to be on BFP! Hopefully you’ll have a few twinges or tugs to remind you what’s taking place in there right now. Sending you lots and lots of love! Xxxx

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    1. You are totes right!! 4 AA embies is not to be sniffed at and a fab lining too. Its gotta go my way really!!! Just having a wobble…distracting myself with a pedicure xxx


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