Different isnt bad…

Different isnt bad…

Im well pissed off at myself. I’ve let these negative feelings basically ruin my PUPO bubble. This is NOT like me.

Ok so this cycle is different, well actually better, grade AA embies, thickest lining etc so why am i so negative??

Im symptom spotting thats why. And thats just stupid.

Hcg is only just being released so why would i feel different??? Its TOO EARLY!!!

After a few pep talks from friends, family and the clinic (how awesome are they?!) I am no longer going to be negative.

I hate being negative. Just because its different doesn’t mean its bad. Different can be good.

I now choose to believe that different is good, as in this is my take home baby.

Im so annoyed at myself for letting the crap get to me, i wouldn’t let any one else feel this way so i damn well wont let myself feel this way.

Negativity out, positivity in.

Screw you 2 week wait, im better than you.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


6 thoughts on “Different isnt bad…

  1. That’s the spirit! Don’t let the 2WW own you!
    Just remember each cycle is different and your body is different too.
    No more symptom spotting, feeling good and positive is the best you can give!!!
    Good luck! X

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    1. Yep! Im being tough on myself from now on. I will not let doubt enter my brain any more. Stupid 2ww!!! PMA all the way, no af means im still PUPO. Thats what is important x


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