Feeling foolish….

Feeling foolish….

I feel like such an idiot. Im so embarrassed about my outburst over the weekend. So not like me. 

Luckily, i have an awesome support team. Be it the clinic, friends, family, or my blog followers. Youve all helped me this weekend. Im grateful beyond words!! 

Having looked at it rationally, i realise that the steroids could be masking my rash, so there really was no reason to lose it like that. Over one bloody symptom. Tsk!

I spent yesterday with M, we had a BBQ in the rain, typical British summer! It was great to be around her and her family, they really help reassure me, and also she gave me a little talking to. Today she even told me that she got the sense it had worked, her mummy sense tingled. Id trust her over lack of symptoms anyday!! Didnt tell me until id sorted myself out, she wanted me to get there on my own, shes a good egg, and a sneaky beak but i love her!

M2 has also been wonderful, her humor is my humor and she can always put a smile on my face, and her tough love is very much needed at times! Couldnt do it without everyone, these people that go it alone, hats off to them, i need the help!

I saw my counsellor today and filled her in on everything, she said id analysed my thoughts and feelings over the weekend well and had come out the other side, all on my own, without direction from her, so im happy with that. Im seeing her next week as she is desperate to know the result!!!

So, 4 more sleeps. Im working the rest of the week, so thatll keep me busy! Im truly back in the ‘it’s worked’ camp and im just waiting to confirm that. Much prefer this version of myself!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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