Resisting temptation…

Resisting temptation…

On my BFP cycles i tested at 11 days past a 5 day transfer as that was when i was due on…with Millie’s BFP it was also our wedding anniversary

Tomorrow is 11 days past. Its not a special date but temptation is creeping in.

Last time i had a feeling it would be positive though, right now im still clueless.

Burst the bubble or not??? It’d be accurate but a tiny, tiny part of me is scared that second line wont be there.

Decisions, decisions

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


14 thoughts on “Resisting temptation…

  1. When has your clinic said to test? I would urge you to wait until then. Remember this is a different cycle and different to before!! If you test too early it may or may not be accurate!
    My first Cycle I tested early and was a bfn it broke my heart, but I was then I a vicious cycle of testing and testing and testing again to see if it had changed. My second cycle I vowed never to test until official test day, I couldn’t control the outcome either way, but at least I had something to keep my mind positive for. Keep strong. Fingers tightly crossed for you!!! X

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    1. OTD for bloods is friday at 12dp5dt but ive always tested at 11dp as most clinics give 9dp as OTD.
      Will have to see what happens in the morning, if im still tempted i may risk it knowing bloods will confirm the following day! X


  2. I never tested before the date they told me too – possibly avoiding finding out the result as I liked my PUPO bubble! So my vote is wait and test on the day they have given you when the result is as accurate as possible. Good luck! Xx

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  3. Ooooh, that’s tough! I tested at 11dp on my successful fet and I agree it would be accurate. I think I would test if I’m honest. Whatever you decide, I really really hope it’s a bloomin’ brilliant bfp for you! Please keep us posted. Rooting for you xxxx

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  4. Oh Toni, you have done so well to resist until now. I’ve been checking every day for a post from you. This is because I have never been able to fight the urge and on my last cycle I tested at 5dpt. I guess it’s best if you can wait until Friday but like you say it should be accurate tomorrow. Sorry I’m hopeless at telling someone not to do something that I know I would. I am so hoping that this is your time Hun. Love Maggie xx


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