11 days past 5 day transfer

Big. Fat. Negative.

Ill have bloods tomorrow but im pretty sure this is accurate.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


34 thoughts on “11 days past 5 day transfer

  1. Nooooooooo! Oh hon I’m so gutted to see this. I genuinely can’t believe it – never for one second thought this would happen. Is hubbie with you today? Xxxx

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  2. Oh good, better that people know so they will have some idea of how hard today is. I’m also SO hoping the bloods show something different tomorrow. Can’t believe it couldn’t have worked:( Sending lots of love xxxx

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  3. On Toni, you are amazing. You are so, so strong, you’re going to make a kickass mummy one day soon. And I truly hope you get the most wonderful & appreciative children who will know the utter hell you went through to get them! X

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  4. Just shows how resilient you are Toni- how well prepared you are psychologically for life in general. Not many people could be so pragmatic. But you’re a survivor now and these bumps don’t faze you. I wish I was as tough. Just remember it’s okay to have a meltdown if you need one. I think you are superhuman but even superhumans need to let off some steam from time to time:) xxxx

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    1. Thats so lovely of you hun, thank you. If you want something you just have to keep going. Im very lucky in that i have so much support, thats what gets me through, i couldnt do it without everyone else! Ill definitely let off steam if i have to, xxxx


  5. How did you get on today hon? I’m guessing the blood results weren’t what we were all hoping for:( so glad your team in Cyprus is already discussing what to do next though – what a brilliant team to have on your side. They will know what to do next time. And 3 frosties is a pretty damned good back up! xxx


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