Hit me today

Hit me today

Ok, im a bit down about the way things panned out today. It just seems its always us that have to be strong and keep going.

We cannot catch a break at times.

Im not blaming any one thing for my mood, its just hit me today how unfair it all is.

I do get sick of being strong and positive sometimes, but for like a day, coz i hate feeling negative more.

Today is my down day, today ill mope about and stay home and watch trashy TV.

In other news, ive picked a date to fly…as long as its ok with work…soon as its approved, ill let you know.

So despite how im feeling today, im still going to keep going and hope Sepetember is my lucky month. If not, we cant cycle again until 2017 due to annual leave and financial constraints. But we wont need it, im sure September will be lucky.

Still not as bad as a still born though…and thats how i keep going, ive been through worse

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


16 thoughts on “Hit me today

  1. You have been through worse definitely. But that only makes this setback seem all the more unfair. I am not surprised you’re fed up of being strong – but luckily you are determined to remain a v strong and positive person and I hope that you will be able to come out the other side (with happy bouncing babies on your knee) and draw strength from this incredible uphill journey that you’ve endured with such grace.
    I am sure September will be lucky for you – do you think you’ll try naturally in the meantime? Just thinking with improved sperm etc, a tiny miracle could happen?
    Sending lots of love xxxx

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  2. I would think it unhealthy not to be bitter for a spell. You’ve a right to and it’s better to be honest with ourselves than jam down the negative when it gurgles up. I think. So glad you have supports and hope you can lean on them when and as needed. Hugs!

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  3. Aw if I’d seen this earlier I’d have carried on driving past Matlock and Bakewell and come smushed you good!! What happened is so shit but Sept will be here before you know it. 9th cycle, 9th month, 9 bottles of wine between now and then. Sorted.

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