The plan…

I realise i havent mentioned what is actually happening in cycle 9.

So instead of stimulating on menopur, im using gonal f for the 1st time

I asked my clinic why we were changing and i got an amazing explanation…

‘Yes it’s to try and keep E2 down but also because you have PCOS so you should have a better response using only a low dose of FSH rather than FSH/LH combination like Menogon.

There’s a scientific article that sort of explains the difference between Gonal F and Puregon:

Basically patients using Gonal F and Puregon had a similar number of eggs collected but the ones using Puregon had a lower pregnancy rate and much higher E2 levels.  Gonal F has a higher rate of pregnancy and lower E2 levels.’

So that’s promising as the reason for the freeze all was due to really high E2 levels and its our LAST EVER cycle, i REALLY want to get to transfer.

Im on the pill until 18th August, then meds start approx. 23rd August and we fly the 31st! 

I cant say im feeling very confident though. Nothing to do with the Team or anything, but lack of faith in my own body and embryos. Im young and relatively fertility healthy and yet we are struggling to get pregnant again. I thought we had cracked the GETTING pregnant bit and it was STAYING pregnant that would be the issue, but infertility isnt straight forward. And IVF isnt a gurantee.

Im hoping my PMA returns the closer we get, im sure upon seeing the team ill be boosted, they are a very inspiring and reassuring lot.

For now, im just managing my fears and keeping busy until the time comes to start yet another cycle.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


One thought on “The plan…

  1. Your PMA will be back when you need it. It’s right to get the doubts and worries out of the way now so you have room to embrace the cycle with all the enthusiasm and positivity you know you will.
    In the meantime, lots of strength and air kisses from me xxxx

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