Final Cycle – Day 7

Final Cycle – Day 7

So carrying on with the 2 jabs tonight. Im VERY aware of ny ovaries now. Cannot wear anything tight round my middle anymore and if i have a full bladder, ouchy! 

I was like this in May which resulted in a freeze all. Im seriously concerned this could happen again but im putting ny faith in the team and in gonal f. All being well i should collect plenty of eggs but my E2 (estrogen) levels will be within tolerance.

Did the last minute shopping today as well as having my eyebrows threaded, meeting a friend for coffee and packing.

Nails are all ready for holiday…

Ive got rainbow toes as im trying to make a rainbow baby and i love paint party on my fingers. This is my latest obsession by the way….Jamberry. I was introduced to it in May and im in love. For more information please click here. They are heat activated vinyl wraps that come in over 300 designs! 

2 days until we fly…

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx 


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