Final Cycle – Day 8

Final Cycle – Day 8

Day 8!!! Only 2 more days of stims (hopefully) huzzah! 

Physically, apart from my sore ovaries and few headaches ive felt fine. Ive also not had the obligatory ‘i hate my life, i hate ivf’ day so perhaps gonal f agrees with me more than menopur did.

On the whole im still feeling pretty calm. I must be a bit stressed as my eating has dropped, not to scary levels but enough to make me lose a couple of pounds. Im aware of it and trying to tackle it without getting myself whipped up about it. 

We fly tomorrow! If my Mum ever arrives….

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


3 thoughts on “Final Cycle – Day 8

  1. Come on mum!!! Get a move on!
    And get some yummy kebabs down your neck once you arrive in beautiful Cyprus. Your ovaries know this is the last cycle so are simply doing the best job they can. So pleased the gonal f agrees with you!!
    Just a few hours to go lovely… Xxxxx

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