Final Cycle – Day 10

Final Cycle – Day 10

Today was nervewracking. I was terrified of another freeze all as i really really dont want to do this again, not even a frozen transfer.

So we were greeted by the lovely Umit at clinic and i explained to him that i really want this to be my last go but that i felt as full of eggs as last time and i was worried. He dutifully explained this to Dr F before i saw her and they agreed to do their best.

So had the scan….20 follies measuring between 15 and 16mm, we need 18mm so Dr F 2 more days of stims. My heart sank, i thought itd be a freeze all.

Bloods taken to check E2 levels (estrogen) and then another chat with Umit. As i have so many follies, we thought about sacraficing some so my E2 didnt spike. This team really are willing to try anything to make a patient happy and comfortable! They are legends. However, all down to blood results. Dr F agreed if they were in range, id get to transfer. Sent home with my hatching/trigger shots (non hcg).

3 hours later….im within range. JUST. Literally top of the range but not over. WOOHOO!!!!!! Gonal F did its thing and did it well. Plenty of follies but no massive life altering E2 spike. Dr F is a frigging genius. LOVE HER!!! 

So, things changed a bit. Ill stim for 2 more days and can now use ovitrelle (hcg trigger shot) so im back at clinic tomorrow to swap trigger shots, pick up more Cetrotide. Slight issue, i need 400iu of gonal f, 200 per night, i have 300iu left. Will speak with clinic tomorrow and see whats what.

As ill not trigger until tomorrow now, egg collection will be Sunday not Saturday. Meaning, all being well, transfer will be friday. But, we have a long way to go before then so still one a day at a time. Mr Me goes home Saturday so this poses a problem…he usually gives a sample on egg collection day but Umit has said its no problem and i believe him. Im guessing itll be frozen for a day or something! 

I cannot tell you how incredibly happy i am that i can transfer. I waa dreading coming back, im done with IVF now, well and truly done.

Maybe the take home baby gods are smiling favourably on me….? Lets not tempt fate!!! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

PS how cool is my new hat


10 thoughts on “Final Cycle – Day 10

  1. Looking v good – so glad you can hopefully go ahead with a fresh transfer. Loving your calmness and tranquility (the effect of having weathered so many storms, I guess). In the spirit of calmness and taking each day as it comes, I don’t want to say too much – but I am of course rooting for you all the way and willing this to be the beginning of an exciting new chapter for you. Lots of love xxxx

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