Final Cycle – Day 11

Final Cycle – Day 11

Ok so today is the last of the stimulation meds, ive had to do 3!!! This is because im stimming an extra day and i only had 100ui of gonal f in the pen (1 jab) so i had to draw from a vile to top up to 200iu (2nd jab) and then the med to stop me ovulating (3rd jab). 

Later tonight ill do my trigger/hatching shot (10pm local time) this is the med that NEEDS to be done on time pretty much to the minute as it signals your body to mature and release the eggs, 36 hours later, Dr F will collect my eggs.

Tomorrow is totally drug free!!! Woohoo! 

Sunday is egg collection. Ill pick up my post EC meds from the clinic same day but no more jabs until egg transfer now.

Mr Me goes home tomorrow 😢 which is very sad. He will need to go up to clinic to provide a sample tomorrow before he departs.

Im meeting up with some fellow TM patients on Sunday which im excited for.

Until tomorrow then…

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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