Don’t label them.

Another amazing post about mental health from the wonderful Jess.

It's perfectly okay to talk.

Hi everyone!

This is one about something that has annoyed me for a long long time. The way people talk about mental health problems. How many times A DAY do you see or hear “she’s a psychopath” or “I think he’s bipolar” or “I can turn into a right psycho”. Quotes I see and hear on social media DAILY.
Using these terms in this way is wrong, it’s not a way in which to describe someone. If your girlfriend is possessive or jealous it does not mean she is deemed a ‘psychopath’ and if someone switches moods it doesn’t mean they’re bipolar.
These are mental disorders which are diagnosed. It’s not something to joke about and they are definitely not words that should be thrown about.
The media are also bad at throwing around words which are false.
“Killer showed psychopathic tendencies as child” – this doesn’t mean they’re a…

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