Final Cycle – Day 14

Final Cycle – Day 14

Fertilisation report! 

Of the 14 injected (one of the immature eggs matured in the maturation bath), 9 have fertilised!! Ive been sent my embryoscope pictures…

Ill be honest, this early on i havent a freaking clue what im looking at. I asked Umit and the ones that look like this have fertilised….

I counted 6 on my own so ive missed 3. Im much better once they start to divide but i have to say i really love this piece of technology. Right there 👆👆 is the start of life, i mean, WOW!! 

Ill get daily updates now and hopefully tomorrow ill understand more of what im looking at, until then….divide my prettys, divide!!! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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