Final Cycle – Day 17

Final Cycle – Day 17

Embryo development day 4.

This mornings embryoscope looked a little something like this (well, exactly like this) 

As the clinic said, they look like beaitiful flowers! Being biopsied didnt do any harm as they are all developing nicely.

We’ve had a lovely day, playing in the sea, and then meeting some lovely people for coffee (again!). Its my last chance as tomorrow is embryo transfer day! 

Whilst at coffee i was having a good ol’ chin wag with some fellow patients, little did i know the team were trying to contact me! 

Why? Well, they had some very exciting news for us…

Of the 8 that were sent for testing, a whopping 7, yes 7, are healthy!!!!! I was literally stunned into silence. If you know me, youll know thats pretty damn hard to do!!!! 

Its still not sunk in if im honest. On average 50% come back unhealthy so i was hoping for 3 or 4, but 7???? Nope, never even imagined it. Still cant believe it, and ive known 5 hours!!!! 

Im literally the happiest girl alive as it means the wonderful Dr Firdevs has her pick tomorrow of which ones to put back based on embryo development. 

Never did i dream id get this lucky. Never. Im so so grateful to Team Miracle.

A little part of me is daring to dream we may end up pregnant…..shhhh! Dont tell the take home baby gods though.

Im still going to take one day at a time and see what happens, but oooosh, couldnt be more pleased with the results.

Im at clinic 10.30am local time so think of me as you head off to work UK followers, i may be having my take home baby transferred.

Toodle Pip

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


15 thoughts on “Final Cycle – Day 17

  1. Ooh, that’s wonderful news! And I’m sure once they’ve been tested there’s a 70% chance they’ll implant as they’re guaranteed to be healthy:) can’t wait for tomorrow xxxx

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