Final Cycle – Day 19

Final Cycle – Day 19

Home time!! 

Yesterday was our final day in Cyprus. It was a whopping 38°C and so i stayed inside. Even so, i struggled with the heat and had a slight dizzy spell.

So i drank plenty and kept a cold flannel on my neck. I did feel better after a shower too. My Mum managed a trip to the pool and was fine. Its unusual for me to struggle in the heat.

Ive been ‘aware’ of my uterus since transfer. Sometimes it feels quite tight/crampy and i get the occassional sharp pain in one specific spot.

I think my ovaries are still quite large and i swear the top is still sore from being punctured during Egg Collection, although yesterday was tbe 1st time i felt it???!!! 

So yeah, it looks like im symptom spotting! 

I have to say im feeling alot more than i did after my transfer in June and its keeping me positive. Right now im quietly confident but its such early days im scared to get my hopes up.

Ill be glad to get back to work for distraction.

My lovely Mum insisted i lift NOTHING during our return to the UK which was difficult to watch when she is in so much pain. However, mostly people are kind so between the villa manager, taxi driver and wheelchair assistant guys at both airports, i didnt lift a thing other than hand luggage! 

It was wonderful to see Mr Me again last night at 2 in the morning. He had a hat on though and covered his blue hair so took me a minute to spot him. My eyesight can be terrible!!! 

We are not ones for PDA, especially when itd be holding up others but we were just so happy to be back together!!! 

We came home and crashed. Later my brother is coming over and we are having Sunday lunch before he takes Mum home. Itll be quite emosh when she goes as shes been my little cheerleader.

I met some amazing people in Cyprus, and im honoured to be part of their journey. It was lovely to be able to share my knowledge and offer reassurance. I should look into this as a career 🤔

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


4 thoughts on “Final Cycle – Day 19

  1. Sounding great hon. Is it a little stabbing pain in one particular spot? Almost makes you feel a bit sick? I know that feeling. I got it in the 2ww with both my babies and it continued throughout pregnancy. Think it’s a sensitive spot at the site where they burrow in. I mean, I know we’re taking one day at a time and not reading too much into anything etc. but, you know, just saying 😀 xxxx

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  2. My heart ached a little in the part where you spiral of your mum being your cheerleader. I bet she wishes so much she could shelter you from all the pain and heartache you’ve had to endure on this journey. I hope more than anything that this is where your sunshine begins, right here with those 4 little embies X

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