Cycle Day – 24


New day, new attitude.

I figure at this point, the IVF has either worked, or it hasnt, so i may as well think it has! 

Ive had lots of positive signs and symptoms, so theres a very reasonable chance that next week ill be pregnant.

My appetite is still good, cheese triangles being one of my favourite things atm. I also had a craving for liquorice today, which im sure i craved in one of my other pregnancies.

Anyway im feeling good, the weather in the UK is fabulous and its nearly the weekend! 

I booked my blood test today for next Wednesday (official test day) and i ordered my pregnancy tests for testing on Tuesday! 

Ive been a little crampy today, and had a stabby pain in my right boob. Good signs i reckon.

My ass is soooo bruised and painful. It was fine yesterday following the proluton jab on Tuesday night, but today, ouchy! I cant see the bruise (as in it hasnt come to the surface) but i know its there! 

5 days until i test. No desire to test any earlier at this point either.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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