Too cocky???

Too cocky???

Not a cycle update as such, thatll come later.

This morning im filled with concern that ive been too cocky, too positive. 

What if its all in my head???? 

The 2ww is soooo hard, some days im so confident and then other days im like, maybe i shouldnt have said that, maybe all my symptoms are the meds? 

I still maintain i didnt feel ANYTHING in June and im trying to hold onto that but its SO hard.

Such an emotional rollercoaster!!! 

Todays agenda = keep busy!! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


6 thoughts on “Too cocky???

  1. Just a friendly reminder that there is nothing you can say or think that will sabotage this. The outcome will be the same regardless so you might as well enjoy (well survive) the ride with optimism and hope. I know I have tons for you. Xoxoxo

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