Final Cycle – Day 29

Final Cycle – Day 29

11dp5dt or 16dpo

Today is the day i wanted to test originally so at 6.30am i once again pee’d on a stick

Definitley pregnant!!! 

This is the comparison photo from Saturday night to this morning

Tomorrow is actually Official Test Day where i will have bloods done and get a figure for the amount of Hcg in my system (thats the pregnancy hormone) . Not that the number will tell us anything other than im pregnant.

With Millie my hcg was 814, a friend of mine had her result come in at 130 something and she’s having twins, so numbers mean nothing. Itll be fun to compare and speculate however.

My early scan is booked for when i am 6 weeks and 4 days, today i am 4 weeks and 2 days.

I will be honest, as always, if more than 2 embryos have implanted, i will be opting for foetal reduction. Ill cross that bridge if we come to it and discuss my reasoning for this at that time.

Its really not like me to test early but over the course of Saturday, i was tying myself up in knots, going round and round in my head thinking it had and hadnt worked. Trying to deal with emotions i had no idea if i needed to deal with. In short it was tearing me apart and Mr Me couldnt bear to see me like that so eventually told me to do it so we knew what we were dealing with.

The 2 week wait is always tough but it REALLY got to me this time round. Possibly because i knew it was my last chance or just because 6 previous 2 week waits really dont prepare you for another. Who knows? It all worked out in the end.

Im still finding it a bit surreal, its not sunk in yet still. Im calm and positive though. The ‘fear’ hasnt hit me i.e. will we make it to term, will i have to terminate again, am i going to lose this pregnancy? 

Im just soooooo pleased that cycle 9 worked. Im so happy i am ABLE to get pregnant again as i was doubting it. Im excited for my bump, to wear maternity clothes, to feel wonderfully well and like im special and part of a secret club.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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