My 1st trip to the EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) *updated* 

My 1st trip to the EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) *updated* 

After my horrid dream i thought i would distract myself by returning some items to the local shopping centre.

After returning the items i stopped for decaf coffee and a chat with my Mum. Obviously, i then needed the loo.

And thats when it happened. Bright red blood on the toilet paper. 🤔🤔

I freaked. Who wouldnt, but as it wasnt pouring i knew it was unlikely to be really sinister. I decided to head for the local EPU. 

Upon arrival at the hospital i went to the loo again to see the state of play. All clear but i wanted to get checked anyway.

I checked into EPU, had my blood pressure checked, bloods taken and my cervix was checked. It was closed. Phew.

I felt a bit of an idiot to be honest but they reassured me id done the right thing.

Im awaiting a call from them with my hcg level and whether i need a scan tomorrow or repeat bloods on Wednesday. 

I was in and out within an hour but everyone was lovely and reassuring. 

Fingers crossed the results come back ok too.

UPDATE My hcg came in at 16667. Im now freaking out as i thought they would be higher based on doubling figures every 48 hours from OTD???? 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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