Lets talk about it…

Lets talk about it…

Share your story with me. Lets make our losses known. Lets be brave and end the taboo.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


6 thoughts on “Lets talk about it…

  1. I suffered a MC at 11 weeks in July 2012 after my first cycle of IVF. We’d already been trying to conceive for 4 years then.

    It was such a shock to hear the NHS sonographer say ‘There’s a heartbeat, but it’s slow. I know it’s not what you wanted to hear, but you are likely to miscarry’.We’d only had a private scan a few days before and all had seemed well. Sadly, she was right. My next scan 2 weeks later showed Bub had died. I’d had enough of being messed with so I went home to let nature take its course. In hindsight that was a bad idea. Actually losing the baby was awful – painful and terrifying and I still have flashbacks of it.

    I often think of Bub. He (I always think of him being a boy) was due at the beginning of Feb, and I always think of him then. My OH seems a bit oblivious to dates, and it definitely affected how he bonded with our daughter when I was carrying her. We went through two more IVF cycles (both BFNs) until a frozen embryo transfer gave us our beautiful baby girl. She’s 2 1/2 now and the most precious thing in the world, but I’ll never forget Bub and what could have been,

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    1. Thank you ever so much for sharing. Im so sorry for your loss. Certain key dates never leave us no matter how many years pass or the life events that take place
      There is always the what if? We never forget, even though it appears we have moved on, it never leaves you, you make room for the hurt and learn to live with it.
      Thank you for sharing your story, the more we talk about it, the less taboo it becomes and the more help and support families can access x

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      1. Hey Toni, I’ve never written to you but I have your blog saved in my home screen.. I lost my baby to HLHS back in Feb… I’m pregnant again (4 weeks 3 days) and have the same due date as my baby boys so dejavu is kinda sending me mad! what testing are you doing to ease your mind ? I am so happy for you I check your blog daily!

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      2. Hello lovely. Congratulations on your rainbow.
        After Milo we had 16 and 20 week fetal heart scans on our next baby. We were also told at 14 weeks baby had 4 chambers in the heart but that was a follow up scan as they thought she might have Down Syndrome. She didnt.
        I can imagine how anxious you are, make sure you contact your bereavement midwife or consultant asap to get a care plan booked in xxx


  2. Thanks for replying! I just have to keep reminding myself it’s a brand new pregnancy and the chances of it happening again are so slim! Did your Drs advise you on doing anything to prevent HLHS? My dr just keeps saying “fluke of nature”.. I can’t help blaming every little thing i did…

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