Wave of Light Reminder

Wave of Light Reminder

Wave of Light Event

Today is International Baby Loss Awareness Day. Tonight at 7pm, all over the world people will light candles for the babies they lost, carried but never held, that were born too soon or left too early.

This is such an important day for bereaved parents like me. For those of us that havent lost a baby, this goes fairly unnoticed. We see it but dont understand it. And i hope that you never have to.

The grief continues forever. The hurt never leaves, we just learn to live with it, make space for it in our lives. But Today we can remember, openly. Today we can say, i lost a baby and it still hurts.

Today we can be sad once more without hiding it from the world. Today we can say, it happened to me. Today we can whisper our angel’s names and think, what if.

Today we dont have to hide.

I choose to speak out about this issue as i feel im strong enough to do it. Sometimes its like im meant to forget and just get on with life. How can i forget my babies? Yes its been traumatic but they are part of me, literally, their DNA is still floating around inside me and will be, forever more.

Having a Rainbow Baby doesnt make things better, that baby cannot replace what we have lost, but i hope, if Storm Trooper makes it into this world, i will have a new focus. But ill always light a candle today at 7pm. To remember what we lost.

I hope youll join me tonight and post pictures of your candles.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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