Its stopped!!!

Its stopped!!!

Finally, no more bleeding!!! Im throughly pleased about it, although still mostly numb about this whole pregnancy thing.

I have my 1st appointment too. Its with my consultant, Dr V, in just over a week.

Im not sure what will happen at this appointment if im honest. It could just be a quick chat to start up the care or it could be combined with a booking appointment and/or a scan. We shall see.

I wrote my letter of concern to my GP practice on Wednesday following another call from the Nurse. This time to inform me i really shouldnt be on antidepressants now im pregnant  No shit Sherlock.

In an ideal world, I’d just stop taking them, but if i could do that i wouldnt really need them would i? 

I have in fact, discussed this multiple times with various health professionals, all of whom have agreed my mental health is most important at this time. I also discussed it before starting up IVF again back in May. Ive done everything i can but of course i now feel terrible following that phone call.

Ive asked i dont deal with that particular Nurse again throughout my pregnancy. I havent heard back from them and im not really expecting to if im honest. Hopefully ill just not have to deal with her again and my letter highlights a training issue.

Thankfully im not displaying any symptoms of infection, if i was id go back to EPU as they seem to take people seriously there!!! 

It’ll be nice to go back to work next week as it does help pass the time!!! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


8 thoughts on “Its stopped!!!

    1. Shes an idiot. If i didnt need them i wouldnt be on them. I know its not ideal but from what ive read the risks are minimal. Whereas coming off them would be harmful to me.
      Thank you for thinking of me though x

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  1. So glad you are over your first and hopefully only hurdle! can try and move through each day without a constant scare! I’m now 7 weeks exactly 1 year ago I was also 7 weeks with my baby I lost to HLHS.. one day at a time and before we know it we will be passed all these scary appointments ahead!!

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  2. I can’t remember if I told you or just thought of telling you but I had a terrible encounter with a colleague of my GP during my successful immunotherapy pregnancy and I asked for a note on my file not to be offered anymore to see that other GP on account of how irresponsible he was in communicating potentially devastating news to me in an already highly stressful and endangered pregnancy (he said I tested positive for the spinal chord defect screen but had none of the details docs are required to share about that and didn’t tell the nurse he was calling me in to discuss test results – didn’t call me in at all actually just brought this up at a routine check up so I was all alone and went into shock). They agreed and have it on my file. You have every right to ask the same.

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    1. Oh my god thats awful. Im so sorry. You poor love.
      I do think its reasonable of me to request it as i could have really lost my temper on wednesday but knew it wasnt worth it, i could have wiped the floor with her. But i remained calm.
      Anyway ill see what happens.
      Thank you for sharing that with me

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