Spotting, but we know why!

Spotting, but we know why!

10 days ago i thought the bleeding had stopped. I was wrong.

Last Saturday we went shopping and it all started up again. Not red but heavy and dark brown

I decided that as it wasnt fresh id go back to work and take it easy. Tuesday afternoon i rang the GP again, to see if i could get my cervix checked. I spoke to an actual doctor! He advised i go back to the emergency gynae unit.

4 hours later i was examined and told everything looked ok, but i needed a scan the following day.

So at 10+3 I was scanned for the 4th time.

Baby is fine, asleep even. Not a care in the world. I was told that its cervical erosion, that my cervix has abrasions that are easily irritated, and caused by the progesterone.

So we have an answer. This does throw up questions around having a stitch but ill ask tomorrow at my consultant appointment.

Ive also got my booking in appointment on Tuesday, so ill have my notes, kinda a scary thought as it means im actual proper pregnant person.

I should have an idea about my care plan though which will be interesting and hopefully, reassuring.

Mr Me and I have spent the weekend in London. Yesterday we acted as Patient Advocates for Team Miracle at The Fertility Show. 

We really enjoyed it and felt like we had made a difference, offering reassurance to people considering going abroad for treatment and talking about IVF from a patients perspective. 

Today, Im exhausted and plan to snooze the rest of the way home.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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