Need my own parking space!

Need my own parking space!

Soooo Today was ear marked for an early start at the local shopping centre to get get cracking on gift buying.

Body had other ideas

I was drinking my tea in bed and thought i felt a bit wet ‘down there’, trip to the loo revealed? Yep you guessed it, bright red blood and lots of it.

So off we went to EPU again. Being so early on a Saturday, parking was pretty easy, bonus. And we were 1st in at the unit.

Was triaged as normal by a very lovely nurse, did my usual pee sample, and waited to be examined.

Head Nurse for examination, check me out, going up in the world! 

So 1st speculum wasnt letting her see anything at all ‘i can confirm you have vaginal walls but i dont want to see them!’ We did laugh! 

Second speculum revealed my cervix is hiding (I remember this from being induced with Milo) so she had to manually feel for it. Its closed. Good news.

Then we looked for baby on doppler. This device allows you to hear babys heartbeat. Got all the usual warnings about it being too early etc. But as soon as she moved the probe to the left of my uterus, there was baby. Not moving so obviously asleep again. Heart rate of 149 beats per minute.

Most people are over joyed when they hear baby for 1st time but due to my continued numbness i managed a brief smile. Then i started worrying about the lack of movement, is it too slow, is it formed properly etc. etc. Then i went back to numb.

My pee revealed blood and protein. Blood probably due to the fact i was bleeding and protein means infection. Good job im already on antibiotics. Head Nurse wanted to query if meds needed changing but Consultant said to carry on as i am (I recieved a letter from EPU on Thursday saying i need antibiotics due to ‘some infection’, GP prescribed Keflex) and ill get a letter if anything changes, after a lab culture.

Anyway, i was starving and feeling defiant so we went shopping. Id be craving pancakes due to a mate posting various food items on facebook all day yesterday. I really am on the see it, eat it diet! They were very very good.

Then picked up a few gifts in Boots, Mr Me deposited them in the car whilst i had a sit down and a Lindt Hot Chocolate 😍😍

That was also very very good. A quick toilet trip, still bleeding, and then we got Mr Me a jacket from his favourite shop. I bought a new shoulder bag too as my back is getting sore with a handbag! 

Back home and had a nap. Good Saturday all in all

Mr Me was/is struggling with how to feel about all these scares but pancakes and a chocolate brownie milkshake helped. Hes either numb or scared, bless him. Its not easy this rainbow pregnancy lark, I can tell ya.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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