Some Good News

Some Good News

Phew! Today was the scheduled 12 week/Nuchal Transluency scan. 

Firstly i had counselling, and i had A LOT to catch her up on. 5 hospital visits to be exact so it was a very chatty session. She got quite emotional at times and was rather shocked at the size of me (see below). 

Ive stopped meds other than aspirin so i took my sharps bin in

Excuse my cat in the background!

No one wants to dispose of these things so i lump them on my poor counsellor!! 😂😂

I then had lunch and collected a prescription for iron as im a bit anaemic. To be taken twice a day with OJ as the vitamin C helps absorbtion (who knew?) 

Then it was scan time! The computer system had crashed so there was a fair amount of chaos. But things moved relatively quickly

I kept holding my breath all the way through the scan, i had to keep reminding myself to breathe or I may have passed out.

Baby was on their tummy to start with which freaked me out, that was how Millie was and she had a high NT. Baby was barely moving to begin with so i freaked out about that too.

Sonographer measured CRL and then I had to turn on my side to get the NT measurement. Finally, baby started to move and i felt better. Heart rate was good, CRL was 59.7mm and NT was a tiny 1.1mm (compared to 5.4mm with Millie). She said it was textbook and got the best picture of the day

I was given 2 pictures (for free but shhhh) and sent for bloods. I feel a bit bad about this as we KNOW baby is healthy with regards to what the NHS test for but im interested to see what the risk factor comes back as! 

Oh and i look like this

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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