A few appointments…

A few appointments…

Following my email to PALS, on Monday a fair few appointments were booked for me.

I have a fetal heart scan at 16+2 

An appointment with the pre term labour clinic at 18+4 (to check cervix) 

My anomaly scan has been brought forward to 19+4 from 20+6 (20 week scan) 

Ive got appointments with the mental health team and rainbow clinic at 22 and 23 weeks, respectively, but as ive never gotten that far im unable to proccess them as real appointments.

Im also going to have weekly midwife and counselling appointments.

Mr Me was wonderful, he spoke to my midwife for me as i was just so anxious,  and visibly so.

Sadly ive not been able to shake the feeling something is wrong since Sunday morning at the hotel. Im still awake from 5am most days imagining the worst.

Work helps as its a distraction and im so tired by the time i get home i dont have the capacity to overthink

Annoyingly, tonight is the exception. I just cant calm myself down. So ive booked a reassurance scan for early Saturday afternoon. Just a quick 10 minute one to confirm baby has a heartbeat really.

Wish me luck

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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