I had a scan today, just a quick 10 minute one.

We arrived early and i was quite (very) anxious. When it was our turn, i explained to the sonographer why i was anxious and she admitted she had lost a baby too.

Within seconds, there was baby and heart was beating away. We had a little listen too. Sounds good and strong but Tuesday we find out if its healthy.

Such a relief to know baby was still alive.

Then we looked at baby in 3D. Ive never been sure about 3D, the baby always looks like an ailen to me. It was quite amazing to see baby with its hands over its face and then sucking its thumb and to see the mouth opening and closing though.

We purchased pictures for the grandmas.

Meet Morph….

I cant help but think of Morph when i see this but it is strangely mesmerising.

36 hours until Midwife, then fetal heart scan on Tuesday.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


14 thoughts on “A-OK

  1. I have been following your posts since December 2014, when I lost my baby due to hrhs and we tfmr….
    I have walked your path… and I am currently under rainbow clinic in Manchester.

    I’m so pleased all is going well so far for you. good luck for the fetal heart scan. It’s nerve wrecking I know. Will be thinking of you. Xxx

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    1. Hello and thank you for following. Does the rainbow clinic reassure you? Im not seeing them until 23 weeks which im a bit disappointed about.
      Thank you, im hoping we have another healthy heart this time around.
      Im so very sorry for your loss xxx


      1. hi, yes I know the 23 week wait is such a long time after having lost.. but once you are there it is one of those experiences I don’t think I could live without. You go every 4 weeks at first and then every 3 once past 27 weeks. But you can also pop in if you have a wobble, and ‘V’ is my lifeline too – I don’t know what I would do without her. So I tend to go in inbeteeen rainbow appts just for listen ins. Nothing is ever too much trouble there and anything is possible, it doesn’t have the usual constraints of the normal scan depts, they will squeeze you in as required. Do let me know how you get on. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts xxx

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      2. Oh thats lovely news that you find it so helpful. V is amazing. Im going to start seeing her every week for a while to help manage the anxiety.
        Thank you for filling me in on what to expect, its really handy xxx


  2. Oh you are so lucky to get your heart scan so soon!!! I have to wait till after 20 weeks! I still haven’t told a lot of ppl we are expecting and really just want to get past the heart scan first!!! Good planning with little update scans! Best way to keep the time going and the anxiety to a minimum!

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    1. Well….originally i had a heart scan booked the same day as my 20 week scan but after i complained i was suddenly given one at 16 weeks like i was in my last pregnancy so its worth asking and making a fuss as they can rule out all the life threatening conditions at 16 weeks.

      I think the people i saw yday will be making a fair bit out of me as ive heard a little more how my care plan will go and there is no way i can wait 4 weeks for scans so ill intersperse with private ones!!!


      1. Yeah I would love to know at 16 weeks then I can actually start sleeping !! Maybe! I have managed to sneak into one for 18 weeks but I’m going to beg the paediatric cardiologist that diagnosed last time for 16 weeks thanks for the heads up!!!! I thought the first trimester was long but this lead up to half way feels like forever!!

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      2. Tell me about it. I hope he caves for you. And i truly hope you have a healthy heart onboard. My sleep is appalling tbh i think ive had 3 good nights in 16 weeks!! Thankfully yellow concealer works wonders!!!


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