Massive Sigh of Relief

Massive Sigh of Relief

Today we had the echocardiogram. This a scan that looks at baby’s heart.

We are given this as Milo had HLHS and up until this weekend i hadnt worried about the heart as Millie’s was fine.

As soon as a scan is on the horizion the nerves kick in and you imagine the worse, its a side effect of losing a baby, you just cant help it.

Anyway, we have a healthy heart. 4 chambers, arteries, valves, walls, the full shabang! 

Excellent news.

Baby was a bit wriggly today, which was great to see as he/she have barely moved on previous scans. It did make it harder to check the heart but as the consultant is very experienced it wasnt an issue.

We met the same consultant at Millie’s 16 and 20 week heart scans. Hes a brilliant doctor, so considerate, always talks about what he can see, points out the bits that are missing in HLHS, shows you the blood flow etc etc. He also hums as he scans, which is lovely.

One very big hurdle jumped successfully. 

Yesterday, i had my counselling and i have increased this to weekly for a while. I then had my 16 week Midwife appointment with V (bereavement Midwife). We went through blood pressure (had to do it twice as we talked through the 1st one and the BP monitor picked up our voices and it drowned out my heartbeat…who knew!!), and then we had a listen in with the doppler.

I can now believe this…

I had to do a pee sample as normal and even though it was clear, V sent it to lab just to confirm the UTI has now cleared with the 2nd lot of antibiotics.

Im also seeing V weekly for a while too just to try and keep my anxiety under control.

I think if I only get baby scans every 3 or 4 weeks, ill be having private ones but V seems to think Rainbow clinic will see me every 2 weeks if thats what i need, but thats not until 23 weeks!!! That still seems like a lifetime away.

Next scan is 18+4 with Pre Term Clinic where they will check my cervix is closed and long. Not really a baby scan so im not sure that will hold me until the anomaly scan.

The anomaly scan is at 19+4 then its a long wait to Rainbow clinic at 23 weeks so we have already planned a private scan in the 21st week. The really really scary week. 

Im off work in that week and im keeping busy whilst not overdoing it. Mr Me is off too, my friend is bringing her toddler to visit and there will be a scan (if i can find my lady balls) but thats 5 weeks away so not in the realms of reality yet! 

Today is a good day…fingers crossed it holds my anxiety off for a while as i could do with a few more good sleeps!!! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


9 thoughts on “Massive Sigh of Relief

  1. Fab news Hun. So pleased as been thinking of you – that’s another hurdle done. I meant to say that v told me that she had one lady once who needed a scan weekly for reassurance and that’s what they did. For me, Once I started feeling regular movement though it did seem a lot easier to manage, with just listen ins every week or two but everyone has different anxieties to deal with so they do whatever suits you! Wishing you best of luck xxx

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    1. Oh brilliant thats really good to know
      Ive got popping and flutters happening so maybe ill feel better once it becomes more regular. I just worry about my cervix and stuff but thats for another day xxx


  2. This is a huge day!!!!!!!! So happy for you!! You must of being dying in the waiting room! Let yourself be happy today cause a successful heart scan is more then fantastic! Yayayay!!!!


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