Its going well….she said shaking

Its going well….she said shaking

Today was the 1st appointment with the Pre Term Clinic. This clinic keeps an eye on my cervix and watches for funnelling, shortening or opening.

Todays appointment was late on in the afternoon and as usual i went to get my decaf coffee. Its part of my hospital ritual to manage my anxiety. Except there was NO DECAF COFFEE in the entire hospital.

Mr Me went to a local coffee shop for me.

Then we sat and waited for the appointment, baby was wriggling away while we waited. Very reassuring.

My blood pressure and urine was checked. Then i saw my midwife, we had a chat about how im feeling. My head has been sore for days so she suggested olbas oil in case its my sinus’. We commented on how large my bump is!!! Not worryingly so but im growing at a steady rate. We talked about movements and how they are getting stronger and more regular, which is what she wanted to hear, so all good on those fronts.

My Mum is desperate to come to the anomaly scan next week but the hospital have a policy of one additional adult only so V worked some magic to get Mum in.

She asked if i had any concerns. I do. My belly button. In the last week i’ve had to take my belly button bar out as my skin is so taught. Since taking it out, ive seen how flat, and frankly odd looking, my belly button is. So i asked if i can put a plaster over it when it starts to stick out? I can! 

She thought id be asking a very serious question but right now thats what is bothering me as theres nothing else to ask. Im in the lap of the gods until next week. Well beyond that really.

Then it was scan time. I had stupidly put on skinny jeans so had a hard time getting them off.

The very nice doctor popped in the ‘dildocam’ and measured my cervix. Which i still cant see on the screen on my own until she started measuring. It was between 3.8cm and 4.2cm which she said was very nice for my gestation.

We tried to look at baby but he/she was very wriggly so we couldnt see a heartbeat but as he/she was very active and i could feel some of it so i know he/she is ok.

The nice Dr said she would see me again after my anomaly scan next week. She hasnt got a clinic on but they will bleep her for me. Very lovely of her. All so i dont have to come to the hospital more than once in a week. Its very sweet.

So, so far so good! Cervix is behaving. This time next week we will know if we have a healthy baby on board. Of course we are not out of the woods if we do but itll be a big step closer.

Keeping everything crossed! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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