Anomaly scan day

Anomaly scan day

And what a long day it was too.

We set off at 8.30am and left the hospital about 2.45pm!!!! Geez!! 

Soooo first things first, baby is fine! Everything present and correct and all measuring as it should be.

1st off was the anomaly scan, they were running a bit behind even 1st thing. Baby was super wriggly so it took a bit longer to get all the measurements. I had to roll onto my sides as baby curled up and the sonographer couldnt get a view of the bottom of the spine, but we got there.

I held my breath around the brain and heart, well pretty much all of it really. Im still wracked with nerves at every scan and hold myself so tense, even when she said all is well, i still struggled to relax! 

At the end i asked if i was right thinking baby was a girl….the conversation went like this

Sonographer: i think its a boy, oh hang on that might be the cord, is that a labia, they could be balls, nope baby is in awkward position with cord between its legs, i havent a clue, try asking again at your next scan!

At least she was honest bless her. She did talk us through the scan so we knew what was happening too which does help with the anxiety a bit.

Soooo having had two pregnancies where i didnt want to know gender, it seems im now being forced not to know (for now). Irony much?! 

Baby is healthy and thats honestly all that really matters.

Here he/she is…

Next up was the cervix scan. It has shortened ever so slightly as now measuring 3.8cm at its longest but Dr was happy with it and im seeing her again at 21+1, as i also have a counselling appointment that day.

Lastly, midwife appointment. This was a LONG wait, we were tacked on to the end of scheduled appointments so we just had to wait our turn.

Eventually we were seen by a lovely mw, not my usual one, but she was very empathetic. At this appointment you normally talk about booking antental classes!!!!! She realised im sooooooooo not there yet, that i need to reach 24 weeks before i even think about those things, but just talking about it got my hands wringing and my anxiety levels up! 

She also mentioned pain management, breastfeeding and skin to skin etc., but realised that i cant think that far ahead yet so we left it for a bit later in the pregnancy.

Phew! So busy day with lots to take in. Its not sunk in that baby is OK and because of what happened with Millie, even when it does, ill still worry. Ive had a perfect 20 week scan before and still not brought my baby home

Baby steps.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

PS i ended up at EPU on New Years Day as hadnt felt baby in a while, of course i felt kicks in the waiting room, but they did the doppler for me anyway.

Ive also had a headache for 15 days or so. Ouch.


6 thoughts on “Anomaly scan day

  1. I am so pleased for you that this scan went well and the midwife you met with “got it”. I know this must be a super challenging time for you at the moment with the timing of it all. I cannot wait until you make it the other side of this next couple of weeks. I think it will make the world of difference to how you feel. Thinking of you x

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    1. Aww thank you. It was so nice for the mw just to realise i wasnt ready to start going down those paths, such a change from earlier in the pregnancy.
      Im really hoping that once im the most pg ive ever been, i start to relax a bit. Xx

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  2. Yay this is great news!!! I’m glad you are slowly ticking off all your boxes! I am happy to say I just had my echocardiogram to rule out HLHS and all is well!! I’m beside myself! I feel like I can live a life with never having to google HLHS again!!! This is going to be a beautiful year I just know it!

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