20 weeks and 1 day. 

This was me yesterday

Excuse the hair and glasses, it was early and a Sunday!!

Now, i’ve been here twice before, once with a healthy baby on board too, so i cant quite get excited about things yet.

This baby is very active, but keeping away from my cervix which im super pleased about! 

The next big milestone is getting through week 21 without going into labour. Im off work which im looking forward to as im shattered, but wherever i go, Mr Me will be by my side, just in case.

Im in the process of booking a scan for the Wednesday, as reassurance and to see if we can get gender confirmation.

Im also seeing a friend and her toddler, having my hair done and having family round to keep busy but not too busy.

Thats on top of counselling, a cervix check and midwife appointment. 

At the moment im not feeling too bad about that week. I think im just concentrating on having a week off rather than WHY im having the week off.

Baby has behaved since 14 weeks which is reassuring and im sure my cervix being left alone by baby is going to be a plus in the long run too.

Sad thing is theres just no way to know and until im through it, i wont believe it. 

On the flip side i am excited to get to 22 weeks and to be the most pregnant ive ever been. Ill allow myself to buy some new maternity clothes at that point (I’m cold). 24 is still the main goal however.

Im struggling a bit with my hips now, i have to change sides every hour in bed, which explains why im tired a lot! The pain in my right hip particularly, can last well into the afternoon but ill take it if it means i get to meet this baby.

I do still worry about twinges but then i remind myself its growing or ligament pain and i feel baby move, and feel better. Im on constant watch for back ache as thats how my last labour started and i am keeping an eye out for infection.

Today i think i’ve done a bit of nesting!!!! Ive put together 4 bags of clothes for charity shops, got rid of a load of useless bottles from the bathroom, and cleared out my bedside table. Its all very neat and decluttered now. Ive got 2 bags of stuff for the black bin, but its full, so roll on bin day. Once Mr Me has taken the 4 bags, ill clear out the 2nd wardrobe i think.

Im feeling very acomplished today so now im sat on the sofa catching up with Celeb Big Brother

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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