21+1 Massive Milestone

21+1 Massive Milestone

At 21 weeks and 1 day, i lost my last baby.

Im VERY PLEASED to announce that no such thing has happened this time around. 

Baby is happy as can be in my uterus with no signs of arriving early!!!! To my mind, this means im free of the infection that got to Millie, and thats a huge relief! 


I woke up early to the baby kicking away like mad, i had been dreaming about punching someone, which i think is because i was being punched!! 

Today i had 3 appointments at the hospital.

A check in with my midwife, a cervical scan and counselling.

Was lovely to see V and talk through my anxieties, we thought my blood pressure would be up, but its fine. Go me!

Cervical scan was good too. Last check was 3.8cm and today it was 3.2cm.

Now a 6mm drop to me seems a bit drastic in 2 weeks, but im assured its totally normal. Seeing them again in a few weeks, not sure exactly when yet as itll depend on other appointments.

Counselling was great too, especially as i hadnt any for 4 weeks. We talked through what had been going on and how im feeling. 

My anxiety is around a 4 or 5, which isnt bad as my normal is a 3. 

Quietly im quite confident we might actually get through this week and dare i say pregnancy but im too afraid to ‘let go’ in case i jinx it.

I do think i will be able to enjoy this pregnancy once i pass my 24 week milestone, something i was worried about, but i do think ill be able to get excited.

So another day down and IM STILL PREGNANT!!!!! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


13 thoughts on “21+1 Massive Milestone

  1. So happy for you that you’ve passed that milestone. I know when I hit mine it was such a strange feeling from that moment on because I hadn’t experienced being pregnant beyond that point. Such good news for you xx

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  2. So happy for you. I can imagine how your mind must be on constant alert. I’ve just spent a year of hell, mind in overdrive. I’m confident you’ll get there now. Hang on in there.
    Helen. Xx

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    1. Doesnt compare to what youve been through but i am hopeful i can relax after this week, just a little! But of course baby is quiet this morning so you do worry again but im telling myself she’s asleep (or he) xx


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