About yesterday

About yesterday

We are having a boy! Im so happy and dare i say, excited. Its scary getting excited but i cant help it, im so looking forward to meeting my son. (Weird) 

We arrived at the scanning place right on time and explained to the sonographer we had been calling baby a girl. 

She popped the scan on and there he was, legs akimbo giving us the perfect potty shot!! 

Sadly he decided thats all we would see as he covered his face with his hands. We did see him yawn, suck his thumb and suck the cord, and his legs waving about and of course his genitals, a lot. But no face pictures.

We go back Friday for a rescan and ill eat and drink sugary things to get him moving but i think he was just desperate to be called ‘he’ instead of ‘she’. 

After that i had my hair done, havent had it cut or dyed since my birthday in October so it needed doing. Little man has discovered my bladder so all i do is pee these days. 3 times in a 2hr appointment πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

Next up was to do lunch and shopping. I was starving so food came 1st and i formed my idea for the gender reveal with Mum and Mr Me. It took more effort than it appears, as we had to get our own helium tank and go to 2 different shops to get the balloons but it worked quite well in the end.

I was SUPER brave too. Mum wanted to see the pram i like (its the same one i wanted with Millie) so we took a deep breath and headed to Mamas and Pappas.

I was soooooo anxious in there. But the more i looked at the pram and the price and how it really was such a good deal, i decided to go for it and put a deposit down. Ive got a travel system worth over Β£1000 for Β£732. Im happy. Just hope i havent jinxed anything.


As the week has gone by i can feel my confidence rising and im beginning to enjoy myself and the pregnancy. The constant worry has been exhausting so its nice to let go of some of it. 

Im still guarded but i just couldnt miss that deal and the planner part of me needed to get the ball rolling. Ill not be making any more purchases for a while as getting the pram on order has helped stem that need.

Im still beaming this morning 😁😁😁

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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