Most pregnant I have ever been

Most pregnant I have ever been

Woohoo!! we made it through the majority of scary week and finally im the most pregnant i have ever been!

Its been a lovely day so far. I had my whooping cough vaccination this morning, followed by brunch at Harvey Nichols. Sue Johnston was there too (The Royle Family), dining with celebs!!

After a lovely brunch, looking out over the city, we made our way to the private scan, to try and get some head shots. I remembered to eat chocolate and have a fizzy drink too, just to get him moving.

Im pleased to say it worked a treat and here he is. Baby PMA in the flesh…

His little nose and ear and chin


Nose, mouth and eyes!
Looks just like Daddy
Hand, arm, leg and foot
Daddy’s knee’s 


Knows how to suck!!
Big yawn!

He no longer looks like Morph, he has a face! His daddy’s face, he’s the image of Mr Me!

It was a lovely experience, and i cant believe how much more bonded we feel to our little dude.

Today has been an amazing day for so many reasons.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx



10 thoughts on “Most pregnant I have ever been

  1. Congratulations on your little boy too! These photos are brill I’m never sure whether to go for a 3d scan or not but these look pretty good it must be an amazing experience! I think you need all the distractions and nice memory’s possible in the week you lost last time. I struggled through my 18th week but its got a lot easier now i’m well past it! xxx

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    1. Im so looking forward to being excited rather than worried all the time. I wasnt a huge fan of the early 3D scan but these ones are lovely!!
      Well done on getting through your scary week! Xx


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