Into the unknown!!!

Into the unknown!!!

22 weeks!! 22!! Ive never seen 22 weeks, ever!! 

Its a bit exciting. Cant get too excited but i do feel a sense of relief for getting past those milestones last week.

Here i am this morning…

A friend of mine said i look 40 weeks, hahaha!!! God help me when i am actually 40 weeks. I dont think ill be able to move!! 

So, ive entered the unknown. From here on in, ive no idea what to expect. Best start reading the weekly updates on baby’s development now!

Im still nervous when little man is quiet for a few hours, i get he needs to sleep but cant he do that when im asleep?? 

He was up and about at 4.30am however, wriggling about for a good 45mins so i couldnt sleep, lil monkey! 

The last week flew by, distraction really is key!! 

Next appointment is Tuesday for a fetal heart scan. Im not worried about this as his heart has been checked twice, and was fine and i hope it hasnt developed a defect since the anomaly scan at 19+4! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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