25 weeks. Woop. Every week now is a blessing.

Im really starting to enjoy it. Except when he has quiet days, then i panic. But mostly hes very active and im very grateful.

The movement is very defined now. Last week a couple of friends at work noticed my tummy moving, which was a relief as i thought i was imagining it!!

Mr Me saw it today too. He was thrilled. As baby is having a bit of a party this evening, i tried to capture him on film…which i did but it wont upload!!! Ill work on it.

He was very quiet on Friday so we had a quick trip to hospital where they confirmed i had a pulse and he had a heartbeat. So that kept me going when he was a little quiet yesterday. However, i was VERY busy yesterday so he probably slept all day.

I was busy as our house sold on Tuesday. It went live on Monday evening and sold Tuesday afternoon. Bit of a shock but so pleased. Mortgage Advisor was round Thursday and we started viewing on Saturday.

We saw a couple of nice properties but nothing WOW. 

Today, we found the WOW property. I LOVE it. We are offering tomorrow and i so hope we get it. Nothing compares to it so far. I have more viewings booked though, just in case. 

Monday Update: We didnt get it. 😭

Its been a busy weekend and Mr Me and i have just been through 500 pages worth of info for my Mum’s tribunal. We are fighting a decision regarding one of her state benefits and im seeing Welfare Rights tomorrow so needed to be prepared. Its a big job! 

Ive no more baby appointments until 28 weeks but i have booked onto my antenatal classes now which start at the end of March, ive handed in my MATB1 form and im trying to plan a date for my leave. 

Its all coming together so far, just need the house now!! Eeeep

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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