What a week!!! 

What a week!!! 

House hunting is exhausting. Other than Tuesday and Friday we have had viewings booked every day. 

We now have 2 houses we like equally. 1 of them we need to put best and final offer forward by 12noon tomorrow, and the other we will put an offer on tomorrow morning 

Hopefully we get one of them. The market is mad at the moment and houses are going so quickly and for so much more than the asking price!! Its dog eat dog!!! 

It was Valentines Day this week. What to do as a pregnant valentine??? Eat, of course!! 

We had a very lovely dinner out, we were the only couple not on our phones all night too, i feel quite proud of us.

Valentine’s Tiger Dress!! 😂

It does now appear im walking around with a medicine ball up my dress. Its honestly such a round bump, roundest ive ever seen on anyone.

Every now and then it hits me that the bump will soon be a baby and thats still very surreal. Its actually overwhelming at times.

Im still struggling with buying clothes. I have a fair amount now but im concerned its not enough/not right. And then im worried that if i do buy stuff, little stuff, itll go wrong somewhere along the line, that the happiness i feel, will be ripped away again.

Its something im going to focus on in counselling from now on. Making it real. Making myself believe that this little dude really is our take home rainbow baby.

I have allowed people to buy stuff now or even make stuff

These hats were made by a lovely lady, L, i work with her and shes very excited about baby’s arrival. I love the hats but they did make me realise how small he will be when he comes and that itll my job to keep him alive. 

Then i panic about the stuff that can go wrong when hes here and i have to shut down. The advice is so conflicting…foam matresses are only recommended for occasional use but all moses basket matresses are foam. How does that work?? 

Im not comfortable with a bed side crib as im short and i feel like i may kick the baby trying to get out of bed or something. Which is probably stupid but it worries me. There are so many things on the market that i ‘may’ need. So im buying the basics and seeing what we need after he’s here.

Also, i am having a baby shower or 2 so ill just wait and see if i get gifts then and then i wont buy more than i need.

As i said, overwhelming, but amazing

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


6 thoughts on “What a week!!! 

  1. We had normal cribs in our room upstairs and Moses downstairs. I was concerned about the bedside crib too and not a necessary item. Definitely wait till the baby shower as you will probably get loads of goodies! You are doing fab. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I think i may get a little crib for our room. But theres time for that yet.
      Im just going to carry on until like 30+ weeks.
      Ill buy a house, sort that, then worry about baby 😲


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