Next week ill be in the 3rd trimester….where did that come from??? 91 days until the end of the pregnancy….how did that happen? !!

All seems to be well with the little dude, he appears to have gone back to being transverse after being breach. Hes kicking up a storm, lots of tummy moving kicks!! 

He seems to know the new house is for him as he kicks lots when we talk about it, he doesnt like me wearing anything too tight now so im having to overhaul my wardrobe somewhat.

I honestly thought maternity items lasted until term but ive put on so much weight, i need bigger sized tops and bottoms, Dresses are ok as they stretch but im not really a dress kinda gal so im having to get used to wearing them. Im also wearing trainers with everything…luckily i have a very colourful collection of trainers 🙈 

Sleeping is getting more difficult as my hips get so sore and nothing seems to help. I quite often wake 4 or 5 times a night. Im dreaming a lot more again, and they can be weird so that then wakes me in the early hours. Then i panic if hes not moving so im wide awake!!! And on we go.

Today im hormonal as balls. We were meant to see the new house to take new pictures, but there must have been a mix up, no estate agent and no current owners!! I was really looking forward to it so it put a dampner on my day, one im struggling to shake.

We had lunch at what will be our local and then popped to Mothercare to look at cribs. I found out my baby monitor of choice, wont work with a moses basket (the sensor pad wont work) so i need a hard based crib. Ive found one that i like though so thats good.

Ive come home and got into bed, im writing the rest of the day off. Ive put together a wishlist on mothercare so i know what i need in future.

Ive also realised i really really dont need anymore clothes up to 1 month/10lbs as i have loads!! 

What i do need to do is stop buying baby bits until we move/after the baby showers. If i leave it too long i get antsy and think im not being organised enough, but i really do have time still. And i need to save money!!! I will need to pay off the travel system soon but again not until the end of March.

Tomorrow we are sorting out a survey on the new house. The mortgage valuation has been done, and i think we passed, its hard to say from the way its written but i think we are good to go on the mortgage front.

Still, the baby is fine and thats what matters. Im glad we have a scan at 28 weeks though as im starting to get a bit anxious as ive not seen him since 23 weeks!! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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