Not the best day….

Not the best day….

Today couldve been better.

We woke up to find that 1 of our cats, Splash, was very unwell. He was outside, unable to jump over the gate. He collapsed once in the house, drooling and struggling to breathe.

We thought he may have been knocked over as he was filthy and limping. We called the vet and got him the 1st appointment of the day. We dressed quickly and headed out into rush hour traffic, me in the back seat, trying to comfort a very distressed Splash.

Once we arrived he was weighed in his carrier and they listened to his chest. He couldnt move he was so weak. They need to admit him straight away as there was lots of crackling on his chest and wheezing. I sobbed my heart out saying goodbye, telling him itd be ok. The vet told us to prepare ourselves as the outcome looked bleak.

I cried all the way home. (At least i can cry.) Anyone with a pet knows they are a member of the family. When youve been through infertility, and loss, they become something more. They are the reason you bother getting out of bed, they give you a reason to go on. Essentially they become your fur babies and you treat them like your own children. I talk to both my cats like they can understand me. I adore them. They rule the roost. They have been 2 of my favourite people for 10 years now.

Just as i managed to pull myself together, as the emotional shut down began, i fell down the bloody stairs!!!! 

I lost my footing, crashed onto my bottom and slid down 4 stairs. It was painful as hell!! 

This meant a visit to the hospital to check on baby. He was moving but given our history we thought it best to be seen.

Well after my BP being taken, it was CTG time

2.5 hours i was strapped to that. For the 1st hour or so, babys heartbeat dipped severely every so often, going from 160 to 70. It had people worried. 

After another hour or so, with lots of movement, it was determined that these dips were ‘loss of contact’. The baby was kicking the sensor off and hiding. I had to hold him still for the last half hour.

The gaps and dips above, show just how naughty he was, kicking and hiding. The 1st hour, the reading was like an earthquake monitor during a seismic event, up and down all over!!!! 

I have a very bruised bottom and carpet burned arm but baby is fine and thats the key thing.

Whilst being monitored, Mr Me called the vet for an update. Splash is still very unwell. He was given medication to relax him and put in an oxygen tent. Bloods revealed it wasnt his kidneys or liver so they think its his heart. They are keeping him in overnight for observation and will do an xray in the morning if he is strong enough.

He has had a drink and used the litter tray though. Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Please keep my big lad in your thoughts…

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


10 thoughts on “Not the best day….

  1. I completely understand how your feeling. We’ve had bad news about our pussy cat today. You completely hit the nail on the head with how much support they give us without even realising, I’ve cried so many years into his fur. I have everything crossed that splash is able to come home with you soon, it’s amazing what they can do for our furry friends. Hope you’ve managed to rest after your fall. Look after yourself x x

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    1. Im sorry to hear about your cat hon. They are such a comfort and make a house a home dont they? I cant imagine him not coming to the new house with us 😢
      Thank you for understanding xx


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