Not how i thought Paddys Day would go down

Not how i thought Paddys Day would go down

Firstly, an update on Splash, as a few people have asked after him. He saw a cardiologist Monday who ran some bloods and performed an ultrasound.

He has heart disease. What he experienced was heart failure. So, hes on 5 tablets a day, 6 twice a week. He’s doing well, eating, popping out for short spells and handling the pills beautifully. We have to keep an eye on his breathing and he is at risk of throwing a clot but we are focussing on the positives.

The prognosis used to be a life expectancy of 6 months but if we keep him stress free and indoors as much as possible, he could live another couple of years.

The third trimester is….interesting so far, shall we say. I appear to be getting bigger by the day, as noted by a fair few people. I am more uncomfortable already but also, the end is in sight.

The kicks are becoming more painful and sleeping for more than a few hours is nigh on impossible. But, i love how big he is now, love that im still pregnant. Im so grateful.

The flip side is my anxiety has ramped up. Even though im only a couple of months off delivery, im still really worried about what could go wrong. Case and point being Friday night…

Little dude was quiet all day but as he’s normally most active in the early evening, i tried not to worry. Once home after work, i laid on my left after a cold drink, and waited. I got a couple of taps but nothing reassuring.

At 7pm i decided to go to MAU. And that is where i stayed until midnight.

As soon as the doppler was used to find a heartbeat, he began to move, i could hear them but not see or feel them. We then spent 40 mins on the CTG, where he decided to really make an ass of me and wriggled loads, making my bump move and everything.

They decided to scan me for further reassurance, that involved waiting for a doctor. So we waited, and waited….and waited some more. 

Eventually the doctor was free so we went in for the scan, heart beating away nicely, wriggling about and….he winked at us. No word of a lie. He was facing the probe, we could see one of his eyes and he blinked!!! It was like he was saying ‘you thought you were having a quiet night in didnt ya? i had other plans, hehehe’

It hit me then that i might actually get to see this babys eyes, something i have never been able to experience before. That was a really lovely thought, and made the trip worth while.

We had a bit of a scare regarding the house this week. It looked like the sale of ours wasnt going ahead and that it could be going back on the market. The estate agent gave our buyer an ultimatium and thankfully it worked and his valuation is scheduled for next week. I just hope he keeps up now as im pretty desperate to move and get settled.

As we are in limbo, im not buying much for baby, i need a crib and mattresses but really want to wait til i move before purchasing them. The big stuff im ok with, but the littler things are still a struggle…

I still cant buy much in the way of clothes, ive bought 3 things total for this little dude, i just feel overwhelmed when im surrounded by baby clothes, or nappies or wipes etc. I just bolt. It still feels too soon to buy such things.

Luckily, my Mum is having a lovely time, since i gave her the go ahead at 24 weeks to buy things. Shes bought him a fair amount of clothes and is now working on nappies and wipes so im sure ill have lots when she brings it all to the new house.

Today, we have had a lazy day with a film marathon. Ive spent most of the day on the sofa, (which isnt the most comfy of places these days but i cant spend all day in bed) being kicked pretty much non stop, which is much more like him.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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