Being Brave

Being Brave

This week i feel ive been very brave.

We brought our travel system home. Granted its all boxed up but its here in the house. For me, thats very brave!!

I finally got to do a maternity shoot. Ive been umming and arring about it for weeks but figured i may not get another chance so went ahead and booked one a month ago.

I genuinely didnt think we’d actually make it far enough for a bump shoot but we did.

We got lost so were late and a little flustered. We soon settled into it as the photographer was so lovely. We did have to have a break in the middle as he had a viewing booked, we should have been done but being late made us overrun.

I started off in a dress, then underwear and a wrap around my boobs and then just knickers. I was VERY brave hahaha. Mr Me was in lots of the shots but also saw a few of the shots he wasnt in and assures me i look ok. It was a long session with lots of laughs and wobbles as my centre of gravity is al over the place, but i enjoyed it.

We are back at the studio tomorrow to see the photos post editing, im quite excited but worried ill look awful on them all. Im really hoping there are some nice ones though as id like a collage on the wall of our bedroom. Im glad i did it becuase i am super proud of my bump, even if it has gone massive….

This week marks the end of my working life for a while. I finish on Thursday. I think ive timed it well as im struggling to move/bend and feel like im a liability at work, unable to do certain things for myself. Mr Me has to help with socks and my swollen feet are leaving me with limited footwear choices.

As its my last week, we had a 2nd baby shower at one of the places i work yesterday. Although it wasnt as busy as the one last week, it was nice to be with people and say a proper goodbye. We also had more awesome cupcakes…

Its going to be very odd not going to work for a while. I mean, its not like ill be bored, ive lots planned and if this house move stuff hurries up ill have a house to sort (from my chair), but it will be weird not seeing my friends every day. Ill just have to pop in a lot!!!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


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