Final Scan!

Final Scan!

Today i had my 24th and final scan. The little man is happy and healthy and estimated at 7lb3oz. That sounds manageable.

I did say ‘shit’ when i saw the measurement across the top of his head…9.3cm. Its normal but bloody hell i have to push that out 🤔😕🤤

In less than 48 hours the induction process begins. It seems so close but so far away. It doesnt seem real still. Ive been getting the house sorted and setting up the nursery and it doesnt click that MY baby will be using it, that ill be bringing baby home this time.

Being honest, i havent enjoyed the washing of everything or the setting up of the nursery and stuff in our room. Ive found it tough, like im tempting fate or that itll amount to nothing. Even putting the car seat base in seems a step too far. Its overwhelming and makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Ive also realised that babies need A LOT of stuff, most of which involves a plug!!!
I just cant imagine having a real life baby but at the same time cant wait for him to be out so i can see, touch, smell and hold him.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


17 thoughts on “Final Scan!

      1. You will! I can’t wait to see your little guy. I was induced, waters broke and then nothing happened. It took a long time but it went smoothly. I did get an epidural. They had promised they would have gas by the time I was due but we are in Denver and the altitude causes some sort of issues with gas usage 😔

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  1. Good luck mumma!!!!!! Everything you’ve gone through it going to make sense very very soon and you’ll know for sure it was worth it!! You’ll never feel love like this and it’s going to be so overwhelming! Enjoy the ride, it’s intense but it’s beautiful and you deserve it more then anything. Will be thinking of you all the way from Australia and can’t wait to lay my eyes on the first photo of this little boy your first babies picked for you!!!!! So hurry up!

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    1. Thats a lovely comment, thank you. Im quite apprehensive about what happens after baby is born but oh my word, i cannot wait to be a Mummy!!!
      Hoping he doesnt keep us waiting too long. Im keeping good and active today to see if it helps things along hehe!!!


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