Induction Update #4

Induction Update #4

Im still bloody pregnant.

At 2.30am i was contracting away so had some paracetamol and codeine whilst a doctor looked over my notes to see if i was allowed more Prostin (the induction med). He agreed i could have another dose but as i was painfully contracting, the midwives decided to hold back.

At 4am, with the aid of gas and air, i had an internal. Babys head is low down meaning cervix has been pushed back. It took 2 midwives to determine i was 2-3cm dilated and still had 0.5cm in length.

At 5am the contractions stopped. Dead. Not even a twinge. Was told i was ready for them to artificially rupture membranes (break my waters) at 5.30am but that we were waiting on a bed in delivery.

Im still waiting. And im bored.

Managed 2hrs broken sleep to be woken up to the woman next door giving birth. In the induction ward. Not even the right fecking place.

Spent well over an hour on the monitor this morning as baby was super active so took ages to get his base line heart rate settled.

Was told i was being moved to a bay of 4, freaked out but got dressed (into new PJs that were meant for post partum) did my make up and packed, to be then told i was staying put.

Went for a decaf Costa and a walk. Came back to my room so Mr Me could massage my sore back, had another hours sleep and still no progress with labour or a bed.

Im seriously wondering if ill ever meet this baby.

He might be here by JUNE!!!!!! 


Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


10 thoughts on “Induction Update #4

  1. Hang in there. At least if nothing else baby is constantly monitored until he comes. I’ve been there, we had exact same situation, they wouldn’t break my waters until a bed came free, I felt so desperate to just get on with it…. sending big hugs xxx

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      1. Ah Hun. It’s the one thing I think they could really improve on, that is, telling us rainbow mum’s that it might be a long wait. We went in on 30th expecting 30/31st to be her birthday, and it was 2nd!! I was so unbelievably stressed, anxious, fed up and feeling guilty for feeling cross, all at Same time. Most of my rainbow mum friends have also experienced it.

        Hope you get a bed soon. I’m assuming they haven’t given you an idea (they said to me it could be 3 days!) xx

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  2. Aw, that’s a lot like my induction. Took so long, waiting on cervix, waiting on a bed, waiting on doctor, waiting… Hope you meet your little person soon xx

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  3. Sorry this is taking so long but great they are letting you go home where you are more comfortable. Perfect. Hope the wait once you are back in your own environment isn’t too long x

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