Birth Announcement

He’s here!!! 

Tobias (Toby) Frederick surname born at 6pm weighing 7lbs.

8years, 9 IVFs, 2 losses, £20k, 1 perfect baby


53 thoughts on “Birth Announcement

  1. This brought a tear to my eyes, I don’t know you but so happy for you. You have inspired so many thousands of people with your positivity, strength and outlook. Welcome beautiful Toby and congratulations Toni and your family xxxxxx

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  2. I just cried with happiness, I’ve not met you but I’m so happy for you.

    Massive congratulations to you and Mr me. I’m so happy for the both of you.

    Hello Tobias, so lovely to meet you ❤

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  3. Congratulations! So wonderful! I’ve been following your blog for so long and am just so so delighted that you get to take your baby home! Do hope you are ok!? Take good care and well done mummy! You are amazing! X

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  4. So many congratulations to you and your husband! He looks so beautiful. I’m so happy for you. This has put the biggest smile on my face.
    Well done you! Xxx

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  5. Oh my gosh. I’ve been following you for years and have never commented. But now I’m sat here in tears of joy for you. Your positivity and strength has been an incredible thing to behold. Congratulations! Welcome to the world Toby. You’ve got totally rocking parents. And an amazing birthday date — same as my wedding anniversary to the love of my life. May it see you as well at is has us. Huge love to all three of you. I’m off to find some tissues xxx

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  6. Beautiful boy. So happy for you Toni. The love explodes in all kinds of new ways from here on out (and the grief resurfaces in unexpected and sometimes predictable ways, inopportune times and all – I won’t deny that; we truly *know* what we lost when we hold a rainbow baby). Love and hugs and joy to you and your wee family.

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