Update #5

I left the hospital at 9pm last night. Still pregnant.

At 6pm we were moved to a ward. Mr Me wasnt allowed to stay with me after 10pm which sent my anxiety into overdrive. We were told itd be Tuesday before id be moved to labour ward.

As i hadnt been checked all day, and only baby was being monitored, we talked to a doctor.

She was wonderful. Understood that being in hospital alone wasnt good for me or baby and agreed i could leave and come back for daily monitoring and await a call about a bed. There is a slim chance that the bed will be gone by the time we arrive but they will do their best to hold it for us.

So we came home and slept for 12 hours.

Its disappointing to leave with no baby…..

30 minutes ago i got THE call. Im on way back to have my waters broken!!! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


7 thoughts on “Update #5

  1. Good luck Toni, although disappointing I came home when you did at least you got 12 hours sleep so you have more energy ready for your special little boy to make his appearance. I’m so excited for you.

    Big cwtch x

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  2. Good luck Toni love, so very excited for you!

    I’m an old baby centre friend and one who follows your updates regularly.

    I’m rooting for a safe arrival xx

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  3. That big sleep was probably the best thing you could’ve done at this point! He’ll be here soon enough and you’ll be glad you got some rest! Good luck, I hope it goes quickly and smoothly for you x

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  4. Yay! A little extra time can’t hurt to get bub ready to go. Once they broke my waters for my second birth I went for a walk after thy got a trace and was in labour quite quickly. You got this mama!!!

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