Little T and I returned to North Cyprus this week, just the 2 of us. We are the first wave, getting the lay of the land, feeling everything out! Pioneers, you might say!

So far things are going great, we arrived fine, i did struggle to open the door but that’s only because my Mum had double locked it in June, haha!

My car was here too, but no baby seat so we were stuck in most of day 1, which worked out ok as i wasn’t too well. Nothing serious, just lack of sleep and the heat knocked me a bit, a 2 hour nap sorted me right out!

Since last we were here the temperature has climbed somewhat (currently 35°C) and its taking me a while to acclimatise, all will be fine within a week though!

Little T is a trooper though, the heat hasn’t phased him at all, he’s still running around like its nothing!

He has taken a bit of a tumble on the stone floor and earned himself his 1st black eye, felt like the worst Mum ever, but he soon rallied and went back to watching PJ Masks!

I’m trying to make the house as homely as i can, Mum sent me over with throws for the couches as we aren’t fans of leather and it feels like my house anyway because there are toys EVERYWHERE already 🙈

I’ve got an interview on Monday which I’m really excited about, I’ve been researching and the science going on at this particular clinic is, wowsers, I’m such a geek!

Next week i need to look into bank accounts and the such!

Ill never tire of this view though

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

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