Welcome to my world! Join me on my quest for another baby after losing my first in March 2014. I’ll share the highs and lows and the ins and outs of IVF, anxiety and anorexia.

On 30th November 2014, our Wedding Anniversary, we got our 2nd positive pregnancy test and another chance at our happy ending. Sadly it ended in miscarriage at 21+1 in March 2015.

What next…?

He’s here. Little T made it and we are over the moon. Most of my posts reference him, or are about him.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. I have honestly never wanted to follow a blog/person’s journey so much!
    I’ve read a couple of your posts, and I really hope you are starting to relax now you’re way on your way to being a Mummy!
    As a paeds nurse (almost) I’ve seen the happiness a child can give a parent when they finally arrive!
    I can’t wait to read more.

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  2. I nominated you for another award, because I think you’re inspirational and everyone should be aware of how things can always get better.

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  3. I too am “enjoying” reading your posts. I was wondering if you would want to submit a story to my blog? I’d link back to you and help connect your blog to even more people who are going through similar situations as you have. I promise, I make no money on the blog, I just want women struggling with miscarriage/infertility to know that they’re not alone! XX

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    1. Hello and thank you kindly. I think writing a piece for your blog is a lovely idea, although im not sure how useful hearing about my inability to feel would be? Or would it?
      Let me know, im all for getting rid of the taboo xx


      1. I think any feeling you’re having (or not having!) is probably a feeling that hundreds, if not thousands, of others are feeling as well. That validation of knowing you’re not alone is exactly what I’m trying to spread! What do you think?

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