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Never knew how much id hate the sun when i had a kid

Never knew how much id hate the sun when i had a kid

The weather is fabulous, hot hot hot. Normally id be loving it being a bit of a sun worshipper but with a new born its hell!!! 
I cannot keep the poor kid cool. He wont sleep upstairs as its beyond hot.

The gro egg of doom taunts me with its red glow and sad face on a nightly basis at the moment

Dont get me wrong its a brilliant bit of kit but at 3am when the boy wont settle, i can feel it judging me!!! 

To move on from the weather thiugh….

Yesterday was Fathers Day and Mr Me got to celebrate AT LAST.

Little T got him an engraved box with lots of pictures round the side, and a card of course.

Mr Me fancied lunch out so off we went to the Trafford Centre as we were able to control Little Ts temperature somewhat there. Whilst waiting for a lift, a lady asked me if i was behind Confessions of Little Miss PMA!!!! She told me she had been reading for years and recognised us from pictures. Id been spotted. Im famous! I was so taken aback but so so grateful to her. You dont know it but you made our day, so, thank you!! 

We had a lovely lunch and i got my pushing present…

I still cant get my wedding and engagement rings on so this is a place holder until i can. I love it!!! 

Emotionally ive been feeling much more positive. Until this morning when i was knackered due to having 2hrs sleep and Little T just whinging for nearly 2 hours. I couldve broken down next to him. I had no patience so i walked away, made him a bottle, and he eventually fell asleep. I got an hr and a half too which made all the difference. When i woke up i was refreshed and able to deal with grumpy Little T. Its amazing how much brighter things seem when youve got 3.5hrs sleep in your pocket. Even if it is broken. Happy Days.

We have been to baby clinic today, Little T is now 8lb 15oz and finally able to start using the sleeping bags we bought as he kicks off blankets. Of course its now too bloody hot to use such a thing but itll be great when it cools down. Poor lad is currently just sleeping in a vest at night. During the day hes in a nappy under a muslin. Usually hates being naked but thats how hot it is.

The poor fur babies are beyond themselves too.

Splash is camped out by an additonal water bowl and i found Smudge in the bath yesterday!! Id hate to have a fur coat on in this heat!!! 

I definitely feel more confident at this parenting thing, we are getting out almost everyday, it no longer takes an hour just to leave the house. I can read Little Ts cues more easily, hes gaining weight and most importantly ive kept him alive for 5 weeks!!!!

Im still overwhelmed by it all sometimes. Its not how i imagined but i am being rewarded. We think he is close to smiling which will be amazeballs. Its much harder than i imagined. I didnt expect my relationship with Mr Me to change as much as it has either.

We will be going on date night this week just to talk and reconnect. We miss each other for sure and Mr Me did confess he was struggling which actually made me feel oodles better as i thought it was just me. Itll be nice to have one on one time for a few hours to remember we are not just parents. Plus im looking forward to a few cocktails 🍾πŸ₯‚πŸΉπŸΈ

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

What a week!!!

What a week!!!

So when i last left you, i had told the bereavement team and had my bloods…definitely pregnant!!

Ive been dying to update all week but OH MY GOD (imagine Janice from Friends when saying that)!!!! I have NEVER been this exhausted in my entire life. Im an insomniac usually so thought i could handle tired, but this is like a whole other level. I wake up early full of beans, (which is the total opposite to what I’m like when not pregnant) at about 7am and have approximately 5 hours before I’m totally floored by exhaustion. Even blinking makes me feel like i could pass out from tiredness. Work has been a real struggle even though I’m just sat at my desk, by the afternoon my eyes struggle to focus on what I’m typing. My contact lenses dry out so fast too, i remember this from my last pregnancy though. Washing my hair has become a gargantuan task that takes all the energy i have to even contemplate! Its unreal, i was lucky with Milo, i think as i was so full of nervous energy with him, that i never felt this symptom, but of course being so relaxed this time round, means it hits me like a ton of bricks.

My appetite is still through the roof, and i basically graze all day! I even had to have two breakfasts one day and when hubby forgot my porridge one day, oh it was like the biggest disaster ever…until i had a bacon sandwich! Im wanting savoury more than sweet, although i am partial to a few (whole packet) of Jaffa cakes still! I occasionally go off tea every so often for a day or even a few hours…thats weird.

My blood pressure keeps dipping too, which makes for an odd light headed feeling but as long as i sit still and drink plenty, it sorts itself out.

My memory is like a sieve…baby brain has truly kicked in, even with alarms set for meds, i keep being late as I’m distracted by food or on the phone so don’t hear the alarm, hubby has taken to texting me at the appropriate times! Making decisions is hilarious, especially if I’m distracted, i just look at hubby confused until he essentially makes the decision for me or repeats very slowly what my choices are, even then it can be 5 minutes before i can actually decide.

My mood is OK but my temper is short…I’m not suffering fools gladly and unfortunately for him, hubby keeps being a fool. He has felt my wrath twice this week already…not my fault he does or says stupid things mind you…the bumper amount of progesterone is not helping with my temper I’m sure but he really can be bloody annoying at times! I have to say he’s also a superstar, cooking for us, packing me a mighty lunch, doing the housework etc etc.

We have however mastered the devil jabs, do them at night, no rage, just a bruised booty!! Only 1 more of those to do thankfully!

The vivid dreams have kicked up a gear too, i had 3 last night, i know because i wake up at the end of each one and have to pee, they feel so real at the time but can barely recall them come morning. I am aware I’m dreaming though. If I’m not having vivid dreams then i suffer night sweats, I’m in summer PJs, very unusual for me as i really feel the cold normally, I’m constantly adjusting the thermostat at home when we go to bed, to try and combat them!

Ive not heard anything about my early scan yet, I’m not worried as we have time, ill be 8 weeks on Christmas Day and know my area like to wait to 8 weeks before scanning as there is more to see, so i think it’ll be christmas week that we have it. Buuuut, we are all (and by all i mean all my colleagues, people on Babycentre, friends and family) very excited to see how many are in there, I’m still saying twins by the way!

Its so so lovely to have such an army of supporters, both virtually and in real life, its not mine and hubby’s baby, its OUR baby, theres a whole community waiting with baited breath, and rather than that being a pressure, its fabulous to have so many people to share this experience with.

Of course, not everyone has been so positive, but thats to be expected, there are still people i feel are bored by this journey, or people who think they know so much, can predict what will happen with regards to my journey! I accept this and just ignore them, they are FAR outweighed by positive, super interested people for which i am so incredibly grateful.

I did an internet cheapie pregnancy test last night just because I’ve never had a positive on one of those before, and because for a fleeting moment i thought maybe i just wasn’t bleeding due to the devil jabs! It was good and positive even with evening wee that was practically water coloured, hahaha! Ill do another clear blue digital come Monday just to hopefully see it say 3+ as the last one was 2-3. Im also not suffering many physically symptoms, so needed reassurance for that reason too. My tummy is swollen but no cramping, my boobs are huge but not sore, my hips don’t hurt, I’m not nauseated….but i am only 5 weeks and 2 days and I’m sure in the next couple of weeks, ill regret mentioning this lack of symptoms!

Week 5 is when the heart develops….so a very important week in baby’s development. Given that Milo had a congenital heart defect, I’m taking this in my stride, not worrying, i have a good feeling that i will get my take home baby this time. Its there though, in the back of my mind, not that i can do anything whatsoever to affect it!

Anyway, I’m starting to feel sleepy again, so time for a lie down before heading out to the local walk in centre as i think i may have a water infection. Joy!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx