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Weaning 😣😂😍

Weaning 😣😂😍

What they dont tell you…(or what i didnt realise!)

Its hard…i thought after 6 months of milk he’d want food, but nope!

We are doing Baby Led Weaning (BLW) so nothing is pureed. Its great as he eats what we eat really, but it did take 5 weeks for him to actually swallow 😂

I was fairly convinced he would NEVER swallow, but he got the hang of it, shuddered when it happened mind!

Kids are fickle too. What he liked yesterday, last week, he may not, and probably won’t like today!! That makes meal planning hard, and for a worried Mummy too!

In 3 months hes meant to wean off formula altogether, i worry SO much that hes not eating enough, that he relies too heavily on formula (rightly so, ATM) but we have dropped the afternoon feed for last 2 days and it seems to be going OK(ish). (He woke up twice for feeds last night!)

Hes also not a fan of getting his hands dirty so theres baby cutlery and spoons everywhere and lots of food smeared on his face, my hands, clothes, floors etc.

They said BLW was messy but i didnt realise id be covered in it too and they dont do adult full cover bibs!!!

He has little to no etiquette but is fiercely independent so its all over his face, his hands, my arms, my hands, its basically a food explosion

But then he looks this cute and all is forgiven!!

Leftovers…id been eating them 🤦‍♀️ what a fool! Didnt like watching food go to waste, when i should have been watching my weight!!

Im such an idiot, no wonder ive only lost a few pounds since having him!!! Ive stopped now, fingers crossed ill lose a bit of flab 🤞

Little T, like most adults, loves all the wrong things too…twiglets, mini cheddars, rusks 😕 (He also enjoys peanut butter muffins but i make them so i feel OK about that.)

Wont touch a cucumber/carrot/celery stick, or a banana (never known a baby not like banana) so i know i look like ‘that’ parent when hes munching on a muffin, but he has a good brekkie and good dinner, i swear.

Little T hasnt been well so hes been off food and seems only to want softer things right now. This on top of being fickle over food!!

He loves Bolognese type stuff, but i had no idea tomato doesnt digest. I cannot tell you how panicked i was the first time i saw red poop, i thought he was dying!

We are still toothless which i think he finds frustrating, although im not sure how useful front teeth will be when it comes to chewing!?

He is hilarious to watch though and i get such joy when i see him enjoy what i make. To that end, im cooking all the meals, baking, and really enjoying it. We eat healthier meals now too, all thanks to Little T and Baby Led Weaning. Thankfully i have a brilliant app we use everyday or id be lost!!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Happy Half Birthday

Happy Half Birthday

6 months today!!! Flown by. Although in those first few weeks i didnt think we would make it.

Little T is an absolute delight these days. Except when he is teething and/or stays up late. Which is a lot at the moment. But its fine because mostly he is awesome 

I still worry EVERY morning that he has died in his sleep (he is in his own room). I wake up and lie there waiting for him to make a noise, im too scared to go in first in case i find him lifeless. I remind myself daily that he is fine but im not sure ill ever stop feeling this way.

During the day though, we are having the best fun together. We have 4 classes a week and my anxiety about attending new ones is virtually zero. 

Support network is set up, and brilliant. 

We start weaning at the weekend. We are going with baby led. Im nervous and i dont know why. Perhaps because i have had such a strange relationship with food. Perhaps because its a sign time is flying past. Whatever it is, im fully kitted out now, and the veg is bought so i just need to take the plunge.

Changing tac slightly…

I had my 1st really down day yesterday. Id forgotten how low i could feel. It was preceeded by an anxiety attack the night before. It was a shock. I felt tearful all day. Its passed now but it was a stark reminder of why i take my meds.

Im currently having a kid free shop, its weird and i miss him. But its been nice to eat a sandwich slowly and drink a warm cup of tea. Haha

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx